Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: If I Should Die, By Amy Plum.

Review: If I Should Die (Spoiler Alert! Third Book in the series!)

Title: If I Should Die
Author: Amy Plum
Publisher: HarperCollins/HarperTeen
On-Sale Date: May 7th 2013
Genre: YA, Paranormal
Pages: 405

Book Description (From Epic Reads):

Kate is devastated. Her boyfriend Vincent is a revenant who waited lifetimes to find her. But once he did their future together was shattered almost immediately. They were betrayed by their trusted ally, Violette. She killed Vincent and destroyed his body so that he could not be reanimated.

Now Vincent is doomed to roam the earth as a spirit. But Kate isn’t willing to accept life without her true love. She’ll risk anything to save him, even as Violette, their friend-turned-enemy, begins to wage a war to rule over France’s Immortals.

Amy Plum created an intricate, original mythology for her YA paranormal series. The books, set in Paris, the City of Lights, introduce readers to revenants, undead beings who must sacrifice themselves again and again to save the lives of strangers.

My Review:

HOLY QUAIL EGGS BATMAN! This shiznit is the bomb! This book should be President! 


I mean.... this book is really good?

Where to start? First off, I LOVE this series and I have been waiting for this book, the conclusion to a trilogy, the end of all ends, the book where we find out if Vincent likes his croissants buttered, for two years! Two years people! This book is amazing, it is all I had hoped for and more. 

I am very happy to have learned more history and secrets about the guerisseurs. Personally, I think Bran is just the cutest thing ever. Aside from Arthur, of course.

Kate's voice is much stronger and she describes everything so clearly that you feel like you're really there. This is what I love most about the books, that you really do feel like you are there with them. It does make the kissing scenes a bit awkward though. 

It was great seeing all the characters mature over the three books, Kate especially. She goes from a grief ridden teen who doesn't know how to live anymore, to a fierce, whip smart, compassionate warrior. I also love that Mamie and Papy played bigger parts, and that Georgia became more mature. Although, not too mature, she is Georgia after all! 

This book is not without sad parts, unfortunately, and I never want ANY of the characters I love to die, but it would be a little unreasonable if all the bad guys died and all the good guys lived. But hey, I would read that ending. To bad the editors wouldn't.

And ugh, Jules, you poor thing! I'll comfort you! 

I do have some questions that went unanswered: 

1. What happens with Georgia and Arthur?
2. Does Jules ever move on?
3. Does Louis become a Bardia, who did he kill, and where does his "after" life go?

Overall, this was the PERFECT ending to the Die for Me series. I recommend it to everyone and their toy poodle. Let us all bathe in the awesomeness that is Amy Plum! Go read them!


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