Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Not "Top Ten Tuesday"

Hey guys! I'm back! Yes I disappeared. Weren't you obsessively checking my blog every day to see if I'd posted?

Anyway, I had a really busy week, plus I got bit by two different spiders a total of four times. Ah yes, I do love having numb limbs. And then I got The Major Wicked Double Book Hangover that you will hear more about in the post.

This is NOT "Top Ten Tuesday", which is a weekly meme hosted by BrokeAndBookish. I was going to do today's "Top Ten Tuesday" but this list rushed into my head. So I will be posting it instead. It is just a Top Ten list that happens to be posted on Tuesday, not a part of the "Top Ten Tuesday" meme.

However, I will be participating in "Top Ten Tuesday" in the future.

My Top Ten Ways To Break A Book Hangover.

1. Reread all the lovey-dovey scenes until you are a warm, giggling, puddle of foot popping goo.

This is the one I normally use; it makes me feel like the book didn't really end. P.S. Hillary T. Smith, I reread and reread until I was rolling on the floor chanting "love-bison".

2. Run around the house clutching the book to your bosom, hugging the life out of it, yelling "This is so good, this is so good, THIS IS SOOOO GOOOOOOD!!! Until a poor unsuspecting member of your family asks what it is, then proceed to melt their ears off with the whole story reiterated at top speed and maximum volume.

I tend to use a combo of 1 & 2 when the hangover is really bad. Just ask my poor siblings with no ears.

3. Sit in a big comfy chair, hold the book in your lap, and just bask in the glow of it. Occasionally stroke the cover and pages, and rub your face on the book like a cat would to your leg. Don't forget to sniff it!

I usually do this with all books, hangover or not. I have issues with endings, I always think I must have missed something, and keep looking to make sure there isn't another page. Doing this makes me feel one with the whole book, not like I must have forgotten to read something.

4. Throw yourself with the force of Yoda being launched out of a high pressure cannon into another book immediately.

This one is very effective, although brutal. It's as if someone brought you out of a trance by knocking you off the high-dive into a pool freezing water.

5. Watch an eighties movie.

So far the most enjoyable of cures, and the most thorough. Example: I had two over lapping book hangovers. Yes, TWO.

I had the brilliant idea, after having a hangover from Hilary T. Smith's "Wild Awake" (WA) for a full day and NONE (besides #4) of the other methods working, to use #4 and throw myself into Sarah Dessen's new book "The Moon and More" (TMM) which did work at first, and #4 was way less harsh because I had already been done with WA for a day. But every time I stopped reading TMM my WA hangover came back, so when I had finished TMM I still had the WA hangover PLUS the fresh one from TMM. I was FREAKING OUT. It was too much for my poor brain, I needed a distraction. So for the first time I watched "Dirty Dancing" AND IT COMPLETELY WIPED MY MIND. Watching crazy teenagers with gravity defying hair as they grind on one another, kicked those books right outta my head. After that I just stared at the wall and drooled for a while. Talk about mind wipe.

6. Read other books by that author.

If I hadn't used #5 and gyrating teenagers to break my "The Moon and More" hangover, I would have just reread the rest of Sarah Dessen's books. As a nice bonus, all of her books are set in the same world and often in the same town, so characters from past books run into each other, which is awesome, it makes you feel like you never left the other book's world. 

7. Go to the author's website and read the WHOLE THING, including as far back into their blog posts as you can before your eyes cross.
I am guilty of doing this WAY too often and losing up to hours at a time. It is a very informative and calming way to break the hangover, although it does make your eyes hurt.

8. Write a blog post/diary entry/just write on a scrap of paper, about the book. 

All your thoughts on it, anything that is circling around in your head, just get it out. I promise, you'll feel much better.

9. Go on the internet and hunt down non creepy people who have also read the book and MAKE THEM TALK ABOUT IT WITH YOU DAMMIT.

I get sucked into one liners back and forth across twitter that could go on forever, but they are more fun than a lengthy email holding all you have to say in one go.

10. Just bang your head against a wall! Knock those suckers right out.

Have I actually done this? Yes, yes I have. Until I realized that if I continued in that fashion I would have no brains left to read with. Even though sometimes I still find myself attempting a head-butting contest with my wall, I refrain by thinking what it would be like to never read Harry Potter again. *shudder*

So these are my top ten ways to break a book hangover, feel free to use any of them, or make suggestions of your own. How do you guys break your hangovers?

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